Caroline Blackburn : "These are no ordinary snapshots, freezing a mere passing moment in time, but elaborate supernatural tableaux that take months to create." - Jane Warren (The Express)


Pictures that go beyond realism

The striking works of Caroline Blackburn have been called everything from inspirational and captivating right though to disturbing. Starting out as a young photographer in 1992, she began to develop an incredible technique of creating images that go beyond realism and take the physical actuality of photography into a new and exciting realm. Caroline continues to develop and produce outstanding pictures in her home studio, building her own sets and handcrafting costumes and props.

The images contained within this site are taken from a wide range of her work to date, the progressive complexity and underlying metaphors are used cleverly to interact with the similes and allegories enticing the view to expand beyond the regular wooden frame.
Due to the constraints and effort required to produce just a single unique piece of art all the photographs are of a limited edition and each is individually hand-painted by Caroline herself. . What more needs to be said, the paintings themselves speak all the words needed. This site offers the opportunity to appreciate Caroline's work, and acquire one of these unique pictures for yourself.



All images and text Copyright © 2004 Caroline Blackburn.